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We specialize in Broadway and Classical Voice lessons for students ages 10+.

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Some benefits of Voice Lessons at Manuel Creative Arts Academy:

  • All my students feel like rock stars! Because I make sure each lesson is both fun and enriching.
  • I provide a clear lesson plan complete with goals, achievement levels, and performances.
  • I use a song based teaching system so my students are learning songs they love while they get the academic benefits of music.
  • I don’t overbook myself so my current clients get the full benefit of my energy.
  • Music lessons have other great benefits like: Better grades, higher self esteem, more confidence, and good social skills. I’ve seen this proven over and over, and I know that I’m teaching so much more than music.


We are exclusive. We have an incredibly high success rate because we only work with students that are truly excited about music.


5 Ways To Improve Your Singing

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Josh was great! He made me feel at ease and already helped me learn some strategies to improve. I’m excited to work with him!


Our rates range from $110 to $330 for four lessons depending on length of lesson and duration of commitment . The introductory lesson is $50.


Please contact us at [email protected] or select a time slot below to register for your first lesson.

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