Katie Hastings

Katie Williams
Theatre & General Music

A graduate of the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York City, Katie Hastings worked the past 7 years in the Nederlander Theaters on Broadway while pursuing a career in the arts. Katie’s favorite shows to work with were Wicked, Honeymoon in Vegas, The Lion King, Addams Family, The Last Ship, and Hamilton. Katie has spent the last 12 years in New York and recently moved to Ohio with her guitar playing and singing fiancé Drew and sassy daughter Essie.  Essie recently turned 3 years old in March and finds her most joy walking as well as  climbing over everything in her house including their dog Nala. Essie enjoys petting Nala but also bossing her around. Nala is the sweetest and most submissive dog you’ll ever meet! Adopted from a vet tech school in Long Island, Queens, Nala had never stepped outside and she has grown so much in the past 3 years!  She recently found out how to bark and to play with other dogs! Katie looks forward to a growing as a teacher with Manuel Music Studio.