Music Classes


 Like studying one on one but so much more. Music classes are an amazing way to learn, develop your skills, and have fun. Manuel Creative Arts Academy is excited to offer multiple types of music classes from lecture to ensembles.


Vocal Fundamentals: This class is designed for singers of all skill levels to learn about the vocal mechanism and practice their skills in the voice gym. Beginners will start to identify and use different parts of the vocal anatomy, while advanced singers will refine their control. These classes are a hybrid of lecture, practical, and coaching.

Beginning Music Theory: This lecture based course is designed to help students understand the language of music. We will cover music theory in fun small ever changing segments, keep an eye on our social media for class topics and prerequisite knowledge.

Music History: Dive into the pages of western music history in this lecture based class. We will be talking about important figures in music history, listen to their music, and find the threads that connect different composers around the world and throughout history.

Small Vocal Ensembles: An opportunity for voice students at Manuel Creative Arts Academy to collaborate with each other on duets, trios, and quartets. Teacher approval is required to attend this course.

Ensembles: allow students to explore how they can learn and perform within a larger group; be it a quartet or a large ensemble. This enables students to develop stronger aural skills, teamwork, social skills, and discipline. Manuel Creative Arts Academy offers several ensembles in our on-site programs at local schools and we are working towards launching several ensembles including: Guitar, Choir, String Quartet, and Band at our main academy location. 

If you would be interested in one of these programs or another ensemble possibility let us know so we can let you know when it starts.