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Online Kids Classes

We offering group music & dance classes for kids of various ages and their parents. We are offering music classes for kids ages: 1-3yr, 3-6yr, & 6-9yr olds and dance classes for 3-6yr & 7-12yr olds. These classes are taught by our amazing teachers creating a fun and education opportunity for students at home. Music classes will focus around songs and rhythm exorcises appropriate for each age group. No special equipment will be required though normal household objects may be used (pots, pans, spoons, etc).

Dance classes will begin with a breif warmup and strech while connecting breathing to actions. Our 3-6 class will be working on fun dance moves to kid friendly music. The 7-12 class will work on increasing coordination to boost balance, strength, cognitive performance, and cardiovascular health. Both classes will use elements from hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and musical theatre. 

children's online music and dance class schedule

Class Schedule: 

*If you do not recieve an email with your class information please reachout to [email protected]¬†with your receipt so we can send you the class information.

**More class times coming soon.

*** We are recording these classes you and your kids will not be in the recordings.