Online Lessons at Manuel Creative Arts Academy (BETA)

Voice lessons from anywhere, on your schedule. No more driving across town, parking, having your lesson, driving home, getting caught in traffic. Have your lesson in the comfort of your home (or office). All you need is a device with a strong internet connection. 


To schedule please contact us at [email protected]. Online lessons starting from $25/hour.

What Equipment Do I Need?

All you need is a device with a broadband or 4G internet connection (carrier data fees may apply). We use Zoom.us for our lessons. You can access Zoom using your PC, Mac, iOS, or Andriod devices. 

You may find it helpful to have an external microphone and headphones/speaker depending on your device.

What Type of Music Will I Learn?

Just like our face to face voice lessons our teachers will craft a lesson plan with your interested in mind. You will find yourself learning a wide variety of music to improve your vocal technique across all genres of music.

Sheet Music, Do I Need It?

At Manuel Creative Arts Academy we believe that everyone should invest in their craft and that includes learning how to read sheet music. You and your teacher will decide on music that you are going to learn you are welcome to purchase that music online or check out music books from your local library. Alternatively we are happy handle purchasing the music for you and simply bill you for it.

Why Is It In Beta?

We are still working on Feedback by Manuel Creative Arts Academy. How the program works, looks, and feels may change significantly and without warning. 

If you have any feedback on Feedback by Manuel Creative Arts Academy please email us at [email protected]