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New Videos Weekly

New videos are being added every week across multiple different subjects. Each video is taught by one of our experienced teachers, guiding students to experience the creative arts.


Watch on Any Device

At home or on the go you can learn from anywhere. All of our content can be enjoyed on any device using a modern web browser.

Test Your Knowledge

Research shows that a quick quiz can help with knowledge retention, some of our courses include quizzes. But we promise they aren't that bad, we like to keep this fun.



Something for everyone!

We're still working on getting started, each courses will get updated weekly with new content.

Children's Classes

Music & dance classes for students ages 1-12. These fun interactive classes build skills in a fun and energetic environment.



Get access to all of our online courses now and for as long as your membership lasts (which can be a lifetime).

$79/monthly$999/one time

Vocal Exercises

A collection of vocal exercises. Each exercise comes with audio, sheet music, and an overview of how to utilize it.


Vocal Diction

Bite-sized mini lectures explore the creation of vocal sounds, the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), and pronunciation rules for English, Italian, French, & German.


Music Theory & History

Quarter notes to Italian sixth chords, we are exploring the ins and outs of music theory in bite-size mini lectures and quizzes. Perfect to new and experienced musicians.


Combination Memberships

We believe in options, if you'd like to have access to two of our content catalogs but not everything (Unlimited is awesome, you wont regret it), we have some plans for you here. If we're missing one let us know and we'll see what we can cook up just for you.