Online Lessons at Manuel Creative Arts Academy

Private lessons are the core of developing as an artist. Students work one on one with their instructor to develop and refine their skills, learn repertoire, and gain confidence in their craft.

At Manuel Creative Arts Academy we offering private lessons in: Accoustic Guitar, Piano, Voice, Trumpet, Trombone, Basoon, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Violin, Viola, Cello, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Orchestral Percussion, Drum kit, Stand Up Comedy, Acting, Voice Over, Film Acting, and so much more.

Why Manuel Creative Arts Academy

Headshot of Josh Manuel the owner of Manuel Creative Arts Academy in front of a building with a tree in the background.

Experience Matters

Our teachers have decades of experience in their crafts. Many of our teachers have strong professional performance careers in addition to teaching at Manuel Creative Arts Academy.

Students working on a singing duet with teacher.

Lessons for Everyone

Everyone should be able to afford an arts education. Lessons at Manuel Creative Arts Academy can be as affordable as $20 a lesson so everyone can learn.

Safety First

All of our teachers have background checks on file so you can have peace of mind about who is teaching your lessons.

What Happens in Lessons?

Well, a lot happens in lessons. Your teacher will discuss with you what your goals are for lessons and then create a plan to develop your skills to meet and exceed those goals.

A typical hour long voice lesson might look like this.

Getting Settled (1-2 minutes)

Vocal Warmups/Technical exercises. This is the part that a lot of people think of when they think about lessons; lots of scales, weird noises, endless arpeggios. This is where we work on building a solid technical footing for your singing. We promise it’s actually a lot of fun.
(10-15 minutes)

Repertoire Work. For Beginning and Intermediate students a large part of the lesson is spent working on learning songs that have been selected by the student and the teacher, this includes learning notes and rhythms, discussing artistic choices that are appropriate for the song, and working through challenging technical aspects of the music. Advanced students usually need less help with the notes and rhythms so more time is spent on the artistic choices. (40-45 minutes)

Recap & Goodbye (1-2 Minutes)

Register for Online Lessons

We are happy to offer several ways to register for lessons. Several of our teachers can be booked using the registration tool below. If you don't see the teacher or a time that you are looking for please reach out to us at, using our contact form, or call us at 937-490-9787.

Online lesson scheduling is currently unavailable due to COVID-19s impact on appointment availability. To inquire about lessons please reach out using our contact form.


What equipment do I need?

You can do online lessons using your smart phone, Android or Apple Tablet, or Computer. You will have the best success using a computer with an external microphone and headphones. A broadband internet connection is also required.

How much are online lessons?

Prices for lessons vary by the teacher and by length of each lesson. Most of our teachers sell one off online lessons or five lesson passes. Autopay options may also be available, let your teacher know if you are interested in automatic billing for lessons.

What makes Manuel Creative Arts Academy's online lessons better?

We use one of the best video conferencing systems on the planet to ensure online lessons feel as much like in person as possible. Many teachers use Skype and Zoom for their lessons because of its availability however these services heavily compress the audio which reduces the audio quality on both ends. By using a service