3 Places in the US Aspiring Actors Should Visit

March 14, 2019

America boasts a cornucopia of diverse arts communities. Because of this, it is easy for aspiring actors to find inspiration and learn how to get started by visiting some of the most popular acting hot spots. Here are three places in the US that every aspiring actor should visit when wanting to learn about acting and spark their creativity.


At one point or another, most aspiring actors have dreamed of starring on Broadway. A trip to visit this venerable institution in New York City is the ideal way to find inspiration and learn from the very best in the business. Although the prime seats at the hottest shows come with a hefty price tag, it is possible to get discounted seats the day of the show. Traveling during the off-season will also give you the best rates on both lodging accommodations and show tickets. The holidays and the summer are especially busy, so it is best to avoid these times of the year.



Disneyland is a fertile ground for aspiring actors looking to observe some of the best method actors. All cast members are required to be in character at all times, providing the patented Disney guest experience. Although a trip to any Disney theme park has the reputation of being an expensive venture, you can still travel to Disneyland on a budget if you know a few tricks. Traveling during the slow seasons can help save you money on everything from ticket prices to car rentals to hotel prices. As a bonus, you will also experience fewer crowds, enabling you to get up close and personal with Disney’s world-class entertainment.



As the nation’s third-largest city, Chicago has something for everyone. A vibrant theater scene complements the city’s reputation for being the improv capital of the world. A myriad of television shows are filmed in Chicago, giving visitors the chance to experience Hollywood in the Midwest. The live comedy and stand-up venues are an ideal place for aspiring actors to watch and learn as they craft their trade and the eclectic arts scene helps to set the welcoming vibe of The Windy City.


When you open your mind to new learning experiences, nearly every city can provide educational opportunities. By embracing the acting culture and making an intentional effort to soak it all in, you can learn from the professionals and hone your own skills.

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