5 Careers That Would Love Your Arts Degree

April 10, 2018

Art is something parents almost always advise their children against pursuing as a career. The reality is that a degree in any of the artistic fields does not immediately lend itself to a job as a highly specific specialized degree might. Do not fret however as artistic skill sets are incredibly valuable in a variety of fields. Let’s walk through a few opportunities to apply art skills into the job force productively.

Graphic Designer

This one should be fairly obvious, but the market for this career field is booming. Everyone needs things that are designed, and graphic designers are where they go to get virtually every image you see on the web. Graphic designers’ jobs are to make logos, icons and other imagery for business and companies. It’s a great profession for somebody who wants to spend their life and time creating images and trying to figure out ways to compress larger concepts and feelings into smaller, finite, visible imagery.

Screen Printing

From The Art Career Project, “Screen printing is a creative field that allows an artist to work on a variety of projects with diverse materials, making it an excellent career path for those who may want to dabble in commercial art but enjoy a bit of variety in their day-to-day work”. A typical screen printing business functions on a job-by-job basis, in which the business will produce clothing for a client. The screen printing business will often design or help design the imagery that will be on the clothing and has to be able to understand colors, inks, dyes, and other art supplies. This has become a more popular form of creative design lately, even though it has existed in China for thousands of years!

Commercial Real Estate Developer

An understanding of art is incredibly important for a commercial real estate developer. According toMcWhinney developers work to create “the most vibrant built environments are characterized by a robust mix of land uses, inspiring design and outstanding place making.” They must typically function as a director, seeing their vision through. They work with videographers, artists, and more to attempt to get their product as perfect to their needs as possible. Being a director and working with other artists can also be a benefit as you will actually know what you are talking about when you discuss how you want to develop with them. They need to understand space, movement, and the other fundamental elements of art, figuring out how to display things in the way in which the most movement is created.


Speech is as much of an artform as the written word. The ability to speak powerfully, efficiently, and convincingly is a skill set. It requires vision, a sense of verbal coloring, and more to efficiently produce. If you’re a person with a writing skill set, you just might be a salesman, and find the creative approaches you can take with it a unique and fun challenge.


Working in marketing or advertising is an excellent profession for an artistic person. The business utilizes all the skillsets of a salesman, as well as visual and audio mediums to sell to the masses. While it may not be exactly what you thought when you started a degree, being in charge of a jingle for a company, or controlling choreography in an ad are jobs that would greatly benefit from your knowledge. An aesthetic understanding is imperative to be an effective “ad-man.”

There are artists all around you, they just have different titles. Your art skills are not useless and are not something that can be easily taught. If you are having trouble finding a job apply some of the creative thinking you developed in college to your job hunting.