5 Top Reasons to Sing in a Group

February 1, 2020

Growing up many people sing in choirs either at school or at church. But later in our adult life singing in a group tends to take a back seat, this is further emphasized in voice lessons where music is rarely studied in groups of students. Here is our list of the top 5 reasons you should sing in a group as an adult voice student.

1. Work Out The Nerves

While many children have endless courage when it comes to singing in front of other people, adults tend to have lost this ability. When you are singing with a group of people you will feel less on the spot letting you perform without the fear of living out a nightmare on stage. And when you do have that big solo having a group you’re comfortable around will help keep you confident.

2. It Will Challenge You

Singing by yourself can be quite challenging but singing with a small group of other people adds another level of complexity as people are singing different parts around you. Practicing singing your part in a group will help you be a better solo musician as your pitch, harmonic, and rhythmic skills improve. Looking for a more challenging experience? Try Barbershop!

3. Exposure To New Music

We are all guilty of listening to certain types of music on repeat and even if you pride yourself on listening to a plethora of music it would be impossible to know every song in any genre. Singing with other people will expose you to new music (for better or for worse). The more music you are exposed to the more well rounded you will become, there is something to learn from every performance.

4. Takes Your Passion Further

We all want to believe that we will be the next superstar. But even if you are you will spend the majority of your career singing with other people. Even in the world of commercial music, it is rare for a performer to actually be alone on stage, this is even less likely for musical theatre and classical music. Developing your skills to work with a group of musicians will help you on your path.

5. It’s Fun To Sing Together!

Singing in a group is a great social experience for everyone, even the introverts can enjoy it. Singing by yourself is fun but singing is performance art, nothing is better than being in front of other people and nailing that high note.

Are you interested in working on your small ensemble skills? Come join us for our small vocal ensembles classes. We have classes for youth and adults every week to perform in a safe environment and work on duets, trios, quartets, and more.