A Brief History of Manuel Creative Arts Academy

February 4, 2020

Manuel Creative Arts Academy started as Manuel Music Studio in January of 2013. My wife and I invested the little bit of saving we had on a piano at BHA Piano Center in Dayton Ohio and waited impatiently for it to be delivered to the spare storage room at my mother’s office; yes, she charged me rent for that room. While we waited on the piano we rearranged the storage room, put back up ceiling tiles into the drop ceiling and made a room divider out of PVC pipe and bedsheets. Finally, the piano arrived and off we went.

As with most endeavors, things were slower than would have been nice but I was still finishing school and working a part-time job on top of Manuel Creative Arts Academy, but I also had a few students taking voice lessons. One of my student’s parents invited me to run a week of music camps for a childcare center in the area, and like any beginning business owner, I quickly agreed. Somehow, miraculously, the camp went well and I was invited back to offer music classes during the school year; this time I had a better plan I agreed to have someone else teach those classes. Things were going well.

And here comes the curveball. My mother decided to close her business, the one I was renting the spare room from, and move across the country for a job, within 60 days, I was panicked. Fortunately, we were offered another small room that wasn’t in use on the other side of Beavercreek. This is when things start really moving I’ve got a nice new space and we are teaching classes at a few schools every week. So I start bringing on more teachers to try and split some of the expenses. Due to the generosity of several people, we enjoyed a great amount of growth with low overhead for two years, growing to seven school programs and 6 teachers. It finally became time to leave the small office and we decided to move into Liberty Tower in downtown Dayton.

Finally, a place that is ours. We’ve been downtown now for 4 1/2 years enjoying the ups and downs of arts education. Growing our program to include programs including art, dance, theatre, language, yoga. Obviously, that didn’t fit well under the umbrella of Manuel Music Studio so we decided to rebrand as Manuel Creative Arts Academy. We now offer programs at 12 area schools in a wide range of creative arts, teaching over 1,500 students every week, with 19 fantastic teachers, offering in-person and online private lessons, group classes, and ensembles.The past can be a lot of fun to look into as we continue to push towards the future to keep educating as many students as we can. Providing the highest quality creative arts education. There are many exciting developments we are working on and can’t wait to share with you in the future.