What to Know About Being a Competition Dancer

December 22, 2019

If your child has their heart set on being a competitive dancer, then you may be wondering what is in store for you. There is no doubting the fact that it can be a fun and exciting lifestyle, but there are pitfalls you will want to avoid along the way. Here are some things to take into consideration before allowing your child to become a competitive dancer.

Road Trips

As a competitive dancer, you will experience many road trips, and you can expect some late-night driving. You may discover that you finish one competition very late one night and need to be in a completely different city the next morning to compete again. Many competitive dancers forget what city they are in at the moment. Of course, along the way, comes lots of laughs and fun times as you roll over interstates and other highways to get to the next competition. You are also very likely to spend many nights in motel rooms. You may also want to pack along a hobby or a favorite book to help you mentally escape for a few minutes.


Many competitive dancers and their parents feel a significant amount of stress. Part of that stress is natural when you are performing in front of the judges at a prestigious competition. Without this pressure, you will not give your top performance. Another part of the stress, however, is unnecessary, and it usually comes from being unorganized. You can reduce stress and clutter by keeping your gear organized. Eating a healthy diet is hard when you are always on the road, but it is key to maintaining your weight and reducing stress levels. Additionally, getting enough sleep is essential to reducing stress levels and performing at your best.


Many competitive dancers are homeschooled because of the time they spend away from home. It is crucial, however, that you realize that your education is still critical. Preparing to go to college or learn a trade helps you prepare for life after dancing. Even the most experienced principal dancers have to be able to support themselves after they get injured or too old to dance professionally.

Being a competitive dancer can be a lot of fun. It is vital to do your best every day, but it is also essential to take care of yourself. Enjoy time on road trips, handle stress in positive ways and do your schoolwork. Then you will be prepared to lead a productive life as a competitive dancer.