Savanna Stewart

Savanna Stewart


Voice & Guitar

I started receiving classical singing training at the age of seven. Ever since then, I have performed all over the United States. I have performed in front of Broadway professionals, famous Jazz musicians, with incredible Rock artists, and have even traveled to France to sing in their cathedrals! I have experience in all different kind of genres.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy, in terms of the voice, is having an understanding of our vocal anatomy. I feel that is the key to being a healthy, happy singer. In general, my teaching philosophy is centered around helping my students find out who they are as musicians.

A Favorite Quote

“My music is- I don’t want to say my main focus, but it’s what comes most naturally to me.” -Gerard Way

Practice Tip

Record yourself! I used to hate doing this, but it’s really essential. Record yourself signing or playing and then listen to it later. Try and listen for what you could do better the next time around.


Manuel Creative Arts Academy Teacher Since

July 2019

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