Theatre Classes


 Like studying one on one but so much more. Theatre classes are an amazing way to learn, develop your skills, and have fun. Manuel Creative Arts Academy is excited to offer multiple types of theatre classes for everyones interest.

General Theatre/Drama: This course is designed to expose students from beginning to advanced the process of learning, creating and studying theater.  The student will have everything from general introduction to drama, acting skills, improvisation, scene work, monologue, characterization, directing and blocking. The course is designed to enhance theatre appreciation. Class running for six weeks from March 24th-April 28th, drop-ins welcome, preregistration required.

Shakespeare: Provides the student an introductory study to Shakespeare’s tragedies, comedies, and histories, and address roles and characters of major plays and sonnets to provide the student actor a proper method and understanding of Shakespeare.  This can consist of scene work, monologues and character study. Class running for six weeks from March 23-April 27th, drop-ins welcome, preregistration required.

Stand Up/Comedy Writing Class: Provides the student with a chance to work on their stand up skills.  Anything ranging from stage presence, material work and joke development.  The student will have a chance to develop new material, try jokes, work through story lines and hone their skills. Class running for six weeks from March 26th-April 30th, drop-ins welcome, preregistration required.


*Refunds will not be issued for missed classes. You will be enrolled in all weeks of the class if you purchase the “Class Enrollment” option.

If you would be interested in one of these programs or another ensemble possibility let us know so we can let you know when it starts.