Theatre Icon From the Greek theaters, to the Elizabethan stages, to New York City’s Broadway, and even to Dayton’s Schuster Performing Arts Center the theatre has been a central part of society for most of recorded history. The theatre was a gathering place used to experience: Dramas & Tragedies, Comedies, Musicals, and even Improvisations.  While audiences enjoy seeing a theatre production for a whole host of reasons there are equally as many reasons to study theatre. A few of our favorite reasons: Studying theatre can improve a students self-confidence, expanded their vocabulary, imagination, foster empathy, collaboration, concentration, communication skills, problem solving, and develop trust, better memory, social awareness, aesthetic appreciation, and of course it’s fun. At Manuel Creative Arts Academy we are very excited to offer one on one and small group theatre instruction for students. In these lessons students will work on the fundamentals of acting and improvisation, developing their skill using monologues and dialogs appropriate for the students age and goals.