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What Is An Introductory Lesson?

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At Manuel Creative Arts Academy and at many other schools, the first step in starting lessons is scheduling an introductory lesson. Well obviously this lesson is to introduce things but what is it really? It is an hour time block for everyone to meet, discuss goals, evaluate, & try an instrument.


Why Have An Introductory Lesson?

Introductory lessons are a great opportunity to scope things out without making a long term commitment. Most music schools (us included) require a monthly commitment or longer to take lessons. These commitments are important for many reasons. Two of the big ones:

1. Students that make a commitment of time & money are more likely to practice & succeed.
2. Teachers put in a lot of time between lessons to prepare for students, this commitment is even greater for new students.

But a long commitment typically also means a significant financial commitment. A one-off introductory lesson allows students to check things out without financial risk.

What Happens In An Introductory Lesson?

Introductory lessons vary from student to student. But there are several things that will happen.

1. The Teacher, Student, Parents (if applicable) will meet. Typical questions during this phase are normal “Who are you?” types of questions. So I might answer. “I’m Josh, I am a classically trained vocalist, yes that means I sing opera among other things. Don’t worry you don’t have to sing opera unless you want to. I have been singing my whole life, I graduated from Wright State University, and I am the owner of Manuel Creative Arts Academy. What types of music do you like listening to [students name]?” You get the picture, this really is just pleasantries and getting to know one another.

2. We talk about Goals. What someone is wanting to get out of lessons changes the way lessons are handled. For many middle & high school students, lessons are highly focused on goals like auditions, concerts, & recitals. For a lot of adults, music lessons tend to be more about having fun and fulfilling a desire to learn an instrument; we will certainly work towards goals but that is not the priority. If talking to a child and parents we will be sure to get the goals from both the parent and the student; they are normally similar but different.

3. The Lesson Starts. Now that we know who each other are and what we are trying to accomplish it’s time to dive in. We start in with a 30-40 minute lesson. This lesson is to make sure that the student and the teacher work well together. For beginners, the teacher will introduce the instrument and teach the student some basic techniques. For non-beginners, the teacher will evaluate the student to determine where the student excels and could use more work. This lesson might also include picking some music to work on in future lessons.

4. Review & More Talking. The last part of an introductory lesson is discussing what next. Ideally, everything was great your teacher will go over the academy policies, pricing, and get you scheduled for recurring lessons. In the event that you don’t want to continue lessons with that teacher, that’s fine. There will be no hard feelings and we would be happy to give suggestions on who else might be a great fit. Chances are if you aren’t sure about continuing the teacher is also not sure it was a great fit either.


Some Questions We Get Frequently

How Do I Sign Up For An Introductory Lesson?
All you need to do is go to the register button in the top right of this website. You will be taken to our registration page. Select the instrument you want to take and find a time that works great for you. When you click “Request” you will be asked to fill out some information. When we receive your request we will be in touch. If you don’t find a great time reach out to us at [email protected] we’ll find a time.

How Much Are Introductory Lessons at Manuel Creative Arts Academy?
We charge $50 for an introductory lesson. For many of our teachers, this is their hour lesson rate. We want to be sure that students are able to try teachers and instruments as easily as possible. This is balanced with the need to take care of our amazing teachers.

I Only Want To Take A 30 Minute Lesson Do I Still Need An Introductory Lesson?
Yes. This lesson is very important to make sure that everyone is on the same page before committing to lessons and is required for all new students.

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About the Author

Josh Manuel is the owner of Manuel Creative Arts Academy. He has been involed in music for his entire life, and everyday you will find him working to improve music education in Dayton, OH and everywhere. At Manuel Creative Arts Academy Josh teachers voice & piano lessons for students of all ages.